Timo van Leeuwen

I’m a digital designer with a focus on digital products and services. With expertise in the fields of interaction design, user interface design, information architecture and project management my work mostly results in concepts, user stories, wireframes, prototypes and detailed final designs for both mobile and desktop. I work with existing visual identities or guidelines, and iterative working feels natural to me.

I’m analytical, pro active and an effective communicator always placing my work within the bigger picture, quickly reacting and anticipating where necessary. With a strong urge to understand the context I’m working in I ask questions and raise issues, also outside of my expertise. Besides this I possess solid knowledge of the technical aspects of digital projects, bridging the gap between developers, designers, clients and other stakeholders.

I quickly feel at ease in new teams, aware of my surroundings and actively seeking out my role and filling gaps.

My primary tool is Sketch, with additional tools for presentations, interactive mockups, and communication.

Personal interests lie in the area’s of media, urbanisation, mobility, architecture. I truly love the mountains, hiking in summer and skiing in winter.