Rick Donders

Rick creates 3d images, or as it’s called here; Digital Awesomeness. Whether it be a still image used as a stunning visual next to your top story in a fancy magazine, that one special effect in your next blockbuster movie, or a complete walkthrough your companies production-line. From start to finish; Rick does it all. And it can be made as real as the world around you, or as fantastic as your wildest dream

14 juni 2017

Hot Water Backpack

Dutch Creative Sietske Ridders dreamed up this nifty little gadget to keep warm in the winter. I thought it was too funny not to turn it into a 3d mod... Lees meer

14 juni 2017

FLS Company | Boswandeling TV Ident

After our first 3D animated bumper with a Flugel bottle the party people at Flugel (now called FLS Company) asked if we could think up something cool ... Lees meer

14 juni 2017

Dearbytes | Malware Fighters

These characters were created for an online campaign adressing the dangers of different types of malware and/or network breaches. Client: Dearbytes... Lees meer

14 juni 2017

B2S | Pussylounge

Between 2014 and 2016 (roughly) Psytek and Fuelled created the promotional artwork & animations for the dutch event "Pussy Lounge". An event by B2... Lees meer

14 juni 2017

Q-Dance | Xqlusive

For ‘X-Qlusive Holland XXL 2016’ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I teamed up with Psytek for the main campaign image. Together we created a fresh t... Lees meer