Mike Elderenbosch


I’m a creative Senior Designer with more than 15 years experience. Worked with teams and solo designing for print and online products from concept till production. In the past years I have worked for a broad range of global and local brands for which I have developed social media campaigns, mobile apps, websites, digital platforms and print campaigns. Some clients I have worked direct for others true advertising agencies such as Philips, Nomads, Strawberry Frog, Tribal Worldwide, DDB, Twofish, Kumpany, Fuse Communication, Sol & Matheson

Emirates, Garuda Indonesia, Jaguar, Kia, Yamaha, Rolls Royce, Pampers, Teh Radja, ING, Postbank, NS, Philips, Panin Bank, Videoland, RTL, Indosat, Nike, Repeat, Sneakers, Atletiek Unie, Staples, The Wax Bar, Flame Games Amsterdam, Gemeente Amsterdam, Accenture, Grolsch, Different Toy Companies and Record Labels.

17 oktober 2017 bericht

Een klus om je vingers bij af te likken

Het is altijd een feest om met klanten te werken die net zo gepassioneerd zijn als wij. Dat kunnen we best zeggen over onze culinaire vrienden van ... Lees meer

5 mei 2017

The Wax Bar

Corporate identity ... Lees meer

5 mei 2017

web & app

RTL Lounge app   VI Oranje - website & second screen   Videoland - website & mobile app ... Lees meer

5 mei 2017


Garuda Indonesia - online & print campagne   Facebook campagne   Rolls-Royce - online & print campagne ... Lees meer

5 mei 2017

Atletics, mascotte & merchandise

... Lees meer