Julian Deleij

My name is Julian. I’m a language nut; I like science even though I don’t understand any of it. I love people and what makes them tick. Culturally I love to indulge in arts in any way shape or form. It’ll take me while remembering your name but I think that’s alright. I see myself as a craftsman, more than a creative.


Autodidact is my middle name and I dabble in animation and am a proficient retoucher. My core skills lie within artwork and print but my love for graphic design is sometimes stronger than myself. Apart from engaging in graphics commercially, I stepped foot in the world of music at an early age playing drums and guitar. Even though love playing blues, I’m still a sucker for some punkrock and metal every now and then and dance to some good Berlin techno. I love smelling things, so one of my most recent projects is to develop my own perfume from scratch.


Curious? This portfolio is an overview of the most recent work I take pride in.

8 november 2018


DESIGN ANIMATION ARTWORK RETOUCH CLIENT : IRIS AMSTERDAM - SXSW JOB : The annual Iris/SxSW event called for branding to convey 2018’s theme ... Lees meer

8 november 2018

G-star Raw

DESIGN ARTWORK CLIENT : G-STAR RAW JOB : For G-Star RAW’s global marketing I’ve been involved in multiple design and artworking projects in ... Lees meer

8 november 2018


ART DIRECTION DESIGN ARTWORK CLIENT : ADIDAS GLOBAL JOB : The 2016 ‘Not Made For Normal’ campaign for the adidas clima brand asked for a yea... Lees meer

8 november 2018

Adidas – Ajax

ART DIRECTION DESIGN ARTWORK CLIENT : IRIS AMSTERDAM / ADIDAS / AJAX JOB : For Ajax’s 2017 kit launch I’ve developed the key visual and TTL ... Lees meer

8 november 2018


DESIGN ARTWORK RETOUCHING CLIENT : IRIS AMSTERDAM / MAXI-COSI JOB : As part of the Maxi-Cosi rebrand my role was to design an icon set, coördin... Lees meer

8 november 2018


DESIGN ARTWORK CLIENT : IRIS WORLDWIDE - HEINEKEN JOB : For Heineken’s BTL channels across several of Heineken’s brands we create a strategy... Lees meer

8 november 2018


DESIGN ARTWORK COLOURING CLIENT : BACKGAMMON JOB : For pop/rock band Backgammon I was asked to create their debut album artwork. The basis for t... Lees meer

8 november 2018

Hageman Family

DESIGN ARTWORK CLIENT : HAGEMAN FAMILY JOB : For the to be wedded couple Floris & Judith I was asked to design their wedding invitation. F. ... Lees meer

8 november 2018



8 november 2018

Alzheimer Nederland

DESIGN ARTWORK CLIENT : ALZHEIMER NEDERLAND JOB : Alzheimer Nederland’s research found the need for a diagnostic tool for alzheimers disease w... Lees meer