Edwin Westerbeek

Let’s take it to the next level!

People regard me as a versatile conceptual and strategic leader, an art director who knows how to transform creative concepts into reality. My work goes beyond drawings and sketches. I use the latest, most advanced software technology to create original and appealing artwork that grabs attention.

I develop complete concepts, from the original idea to final execution. I have a particularly strong track record in online media, brand activation, sales promotion and retail. Within that context I love applying technology to ideas with a strong conceptual base in new and imaginative ways.

To all projects I bring clear thinking and the ability to bring out the best in every team member. This has resulted in a number of successful campaigns that combine high levels of creativity with strategy and execution, resulting in great conversion rates.

I believe that the next level is always the most exciting one. It would be great to reach that next level together with you.

9 oktober 2018


Concepting, visualising, design, production     Kwekkeboom Verpakking     Frenz... Lees meer

9 oktober 2018


Kom kijken naar de introductie van EnergyGO Introductie Energygo Logistica   Concepting, visualising, design, production... Lees meer

26 april 2017


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26 april 2017


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26 april 2017

Veloir Noir

Veloir Noir introduction in NL. Brand introduction campaigns with several tv-spots, web design, social posts and design exhibition.   ... Lees meer

26 april 2017


Grand 'Italia "The best combination in daily life"   Brand activation campaigns with several tv-spots, packaging design, web design, social... Lees meer

26 april 2017


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26 april 2017

Collection of campaigns

BANKGIROLOTERIJ - "Wild tickets" campaign. Activation campaign:DM and web design   VAILLANT - Cele... Lees meer