Dave Lenz

Throughout my career I have always shifted between being creative and being technical. Illustrating, animating, character-design, 3D-modeling and programming. I do them all. The main reason for this is ‘quality-control’. I want to have as much control over the end result as possible. Optimal quality for the budget available.
I have a keen eye for aesthetics, design, tech and humor. What I make fits the clients needs, fits the desired tech and is of a standard that stands out of the ordinary.
9 januari 2018 bericht

Statenbijbel animatie

An animation I made to explain how the 'Statenbijbel' (Statebible) came to be in Holland.   Skillful Animations Animation i... Lees meer

9 januari 2018

Pommes Frites

Animated Video's   Video content is the new Grand Poobah. If you’re looking for original illustrations and animations to enhance... Lees meer

8 januari 2018

Bollo app

De grote kindervriend van Landal GreenParks, Bollo de Beer, heeft nu zijn eigen app. Kinderen kunnen nu niet alleen tijdens hun vakantie, maar ook thu... Lees meer