CAVALCADE on Kickstarter

CAVALCADE: a collection of rocking animals

Now on Kickstarter campaign,

Cavalcade is a collection of rocking animals built from a single piece of wood; the result is a carefully designed iconic toy that both kids and parents will love.


Cavalcade, a collection of rocking animals, is the first product of new toy brand BLUC, founded by Luca Boscardin and Valentina Raffaelli.



Kids love it. And parents love it too.  The rocking animals enhance the imagination of children, whether it’s riding like a cowboy, becoming a price or a princess, travelling the world or discovering the jungle! They resemble a drawing but they have a strong and solid build. The colours were chosen to appeal to children while leaving enough to the imagination.

Cavalcade seems to belong to another time. The rocking animals are classical toys but we have redesigned them in a simple, universal and graphic way. Cavalcade embraces all the values of playing: they are impossible to break and beautiful to touch. And to top it all off, we created the Cavalcade in a way that it will age well; you will want to pass this strong and timeless toy down from generation to generation.